Frequently Asked Questions

What is an app?

If you have a smartphone, then you are already familiar with apps. They are the programs that let you send messages, take photos or browse the web. They make a mobile device versatile and personal.


I already have a website, why do I need an app?

Websites are a great way to make first contact with customers; a webpage is a very impersonal experience. Your content exists only inside of the browser, alongside every other webpage. An app provides a more personalized experience that keeps the focus on your business.


How will an app help my business?

A mobile application will provide a direct marketing and notification channel.


Why West Wall Technologies?

We are your customers

We know what we and your other customers will want to see an in App. We know what will keep your current customers happy and what will attract new customers.


We have the ability and skill to design your App.

We can tailor it to fit your business needs and make it look any way you want.  


We will be here to support your App.

We can update it and make changes to it any time you want.   As your business grows and changes, we will be here to make sure your App grows and changes too.


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